My Big Day of D.I.Y.

IMG_0882Or “The Time a Dog Ate Our House”

Last week we did an adoption trial with a beautiful and sweet greyhound called Helen. She was just about perfect – except for two things. The first was that she was NOT cat friendly, as her foster mum had said. This was quite a problem, especially for our cat, Lara. The second was that Helen was used to spending all day with her foster mum at work. Continue reading

The time I made wedding flowers

IMG_0150Two of my very good friends got married last October. They put together an absolutely beautiful wedding, and managed to do it very economically! When the time came to decide on flowers, they opted for something a little different – they wanted flowers that they could keep. I’ve always been an origami lover, and when J found this pattern online for origami roses, I couldn’t wait to try it. Continue reading

The time I did like 5 million crosstiches


The first crafty thing I learned to do was origami. But the next one was crosstitch. And then I just didn’t stop doing it for about ten years.

Feb 2012 114

This was my first proper crosstitch, which I gave to my mum. Of course, there were a few failed attempts before this one, which turned out pretty badly. I think it was probably because I didn’t really read or follow the instructions, or put together any of the proper supplies. But who knows? Continue reading