The Fish Issue

IMG_1776People often ask me where I get my blog ideas from. One of my more recent sources of inspiration, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with, is Pinterest. For those who haven’t seen it, Pinterest is a type of social media where you can “pin” things (like a pin board) that are of interest to you, and see things that other people have pinned. I love to browse the D.I.Y. and craft boards while I’m walking in to work in the mornings.

So I saw the idea behind this post  – decorating a wall with a school of fish cut from maps – one day on Pinterest, and immediately pictured the hallway in our home – a blank canvas just calling out for some decoration. The idea came from a German blog called Raum Fee, which I am pretty sure means “Room Fairy”. I fell in love immediately, and got to work. It is quite funny to notice how similar my photos are to the photos on that blog – I guess all fish clones cut from maps do look the same.

The first step was to find some maps to chop up. I went by our local secondhand book shop, but as it was a Sunday, it was closed. Just as well, because on the way home I remembered my old school atlases (atli) that I’d stored away.



I ripped out all the nice pages, and tidied them up so they would go through the printer. Meanwhile, I had to find a fish picture to use – Google Images to the rescue. I found this picture, made it black and white, increased the contrast, and made Mr. Fish’s mouth prettier.


The original clipart I used. I searched for “herring clipart”.

Then I printed about 40 pages of fish – slight overkill, as it turned out.

IMG_1721 IMG_1719

Then I chopped and chopped and chopped up all my fish. It was very boring and time consuming, not fun!





Once I finished cutting up over 300 fish, I got to work on my blank canvas. You may be able to see from the photos that the corridor is quite narrow – it would be too much to put a large artwork on the wall. That’s one of the reasons that this project appealed to me so much.



I stuck the fish to the wall using double sided tape. I thought perhaps that was  a better idea than superglue! I originally used Blu Tack to put them in place as a guide, but it left an oily mark on the paper straight away. Even with the double sided tape, you can reposition the fish, so that is my preferred medium.









Out of a total of over 320 fish, I used… 56. Not a good example of judgement! I could have put more fish on the wall of course, but I didn’t want to overdo it. On a side note, anyone who needs some atlas fish, let me know!! We’ve been trying to decide what to do with our staircase lately, so perhaps in the future it will get its own fishy touch.

Although time consuming (cutting out the fish probably took about 6 hours – not all at once), I love the outcome of this project. And the best part – it was free!

P.S. For any avid Pinterest-ers, you can follow me on Pinterest here. Advance warning though, you may be able to pick my upcoming blog topics!

9 thoughts on “The Fish Issue

  1. tamyraptor says:

    Thanks ladies :) It was really fun putting them all up (not so much cutting them), and I’m glad it turned out looking good! I wondered if I was crazy for a while.

      • Joanna says:

        Really! I wouldn’t mind a few for my bathroom door! How about a good 30 or so? Let me know by Facebook message and I’ll send u through some postal money!
        Your blog is amazing! I feel so inspired when I see your posts! Alas, I can’t sew a quilt to save my life

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