Planting a Passionfruit – September Short Projects

PassionfruitHappy September everyone! For the month of September I’ve decided to forego my usual epic projects and focus on some “September Short Projects” – little things that can be done in a few hours! As such, you can expect a few extra posts this month as I get into the spirit of SPRING!

Today’s September Short Post is really just one small step in a larger project – fixing up the clothesline area behind our house. It’s hidden away from the backyard by a fence, and thus has been a bit neglected. For the last few months I’ve been trying to clear away the landscape rocks that covered the area, as I really don’t like them. Weeds grow in between them so easily, and they hurt my feet when I’m hanging out the washing! First world problems, I know.

Clothes line area


Check out those weeds!

Anyway, as part of my mission to make our home a bit more environmentally friendly, I’ve decided to turn this area into an eco-spot. My first step was to plant a sweet little passion fruit vine, to begin growing my own passion fruits. I’ve had one before, and once they start producing fruit (about 1-2 years), they make a great garden addition. The nursery we went to recommended a Nellie Kelly passion fruit – it’s grafted onto a very hardy species that doesn’t produce edible fruit, so you have to be careful not to let the vine grow beneath the graft.

Unfortunately, we are a bit strapped for sunlight in our garden. I picked a west facing wall to plant the vine on (vines need to climb), so at least it will get the afternoon sun. I’m not sure whether that will be enough, so our little passion fruit may need to relocate if she isn’t happy here.


I began by clearing away the rocks, pulling out the weeds, and digging up all the dirt (to make sure no weed roots survived). The soil isn’t the best quality – in fact, it’s probably more accurate to describe it as clay. Passion fruits like a well drained soil, so I spent a lot of time digging a wide, deep hole, and breaking up all the clods of clay.

A big hole

A big hole

I filled my hole with some potting mix from Woolworths – $3.20 for 25 litres I believe, good value! Passion fruit roots like to spread out wide, which is why I filled the hole over such a large area.

Deep hole filled with potting mix.

First I filled in the deep part of the hole.

Passion fruit vine

Then I planted little Nelly.

Finally, I made a little rock wall around Nelly’s patch, to make sure the weeds knew to stay out. I’ll use rocks for anything I can, these days. As you can see, I haven’t really made a dent in the ones I still have to get rid of!

Passion fruit vine planted in the garden
The area certainly looks a tiny bit nicer now, and hopefully in a year or so, we will be eating delicious home grown passion fruits! Come to think of it, hopefully in a year, the rest of this area will look GREAT! In the meantime, stay tuned for some more September Short Projects!

Passion fruit vine planted in the garden

14 thoughts on “Planting a Passionfruit – September Short Projects

  1. saref2901 says:

    I loved this post. We love to do a bit of grow-your-own and have a similar pile of rocks! I love the idea of planting something lovely and putting the little wall around. I hope you get lots of fruit!

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