Tough Mudder!

Tough MudderSorry for my short absence everyone, I have been away for a few days completing my first Tough Mudder! For those of you who haven’t heard of Tough Mudder, it’s a marathon/obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. It’s 20km long and undertaken in teams usually, with obstacles such as jumping from heights, crawling through muddy tunnels and being electrocuted.

I watched Mario do it last year, and thought to myself that I might like to give it a go one day. I have always been terribly unfit, but the last few months I’ve been trying to get in shape, and signing up for the event was great motivation.

Tough mudder

2012 and 2013

I know it’s not a DIY/craft project, but Tough Mudder is most definitely in the spirit of I can do that! Here are a few photos taken by the wonderful Jacinta, who was not crazy enough to feel like doing it herself!

Tough mudder

Team Raptor!

Tough mudder

Started out with some running…

Tough mudder

And a little more running… plus some mud…

Tough mudder

Over and under

Tough mudder

Getting a little muddy

Tough mudder

Tough mudder

It looked much higher from up there!

Tough mudder

Enjoying the view for a moment

Tough mudder

Tough run-up to the second last obstacle

Tough mudder

Lucky for teamwork!

Tough mudder

Trying not to get electrocuted in the second electrocution obstacle!

Tough mudder

Woo hoo! We made it!

We all felt great afterwards (although very sore and bruised). Bring on next year!

17 thoughts on “Tough Mudder!

  1. craftysorcha says:

    Well done on finishing that! It looks impressive! (and just a little muddy! :p )
    Since the start of the summer, I’ve started getting fit and I can just about run 5K now, so I’m more impressed with you than I would have been before I started.

  2. Jacinta says:

    This is definitely worthy of an “I can do that” post. After being the team “photographer” I can definitely appreciate how tough the mudda course is. I’m so proud of you all! If you work out how to get the mud out of your shoes that will also deserve another post ;p

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