Re-Planting a Passionfruit – September Short Projects

PassionfruitSo, remember about a month ago when I did this:


Yeah, that was a fail. I was keeping an eagle eye on my passionfruit to see whether it would settle in it’s spot, and it didn’t. I suspect the reason is because it was too low to the ground to get enough sun. I noticed its new leaves starting to wilt a little, and thought I had better move it sooner rather than later.


Look at its poor, wilting leaves and feelers :(

Rather than planting it in the ground again, I thought I’d go for something a little more portable, so that I could try some different spots if I needed to. Here’s the journey in pictures.

A Can of Jelly Beans

I selected an appropriate receptacle…

Jelly Beans

And removed the jelly beans.


I scored the bottom of the can with an xacto…


And punched out some drainage holes with a screw driver.


I moved Nellie to her new home, being careful not to break her roots…


I gave her some food and water, and put her in a sunny, north facing position (in our driveway).


So far, she seems to be doing better here – we might make the move permanent soon!

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