Going Green – September Short Projects

GreenSo, very exciting news this weekend: we got a compost bin! I’m super excited to start it and begin making compost for our garden. I’ve been reading up and learning about all the things you need to put in to make the best compost, and the balance of green and brown, nitrogen and carbon.

I found a good spot for it in the back part of our garden. It’s shady, which is good for keeping the compost moist, and has plenty of earthworms. :)

Compost bin

My first addition to the compost bin was some of the weeds around this part of the garden. You have to be careful with adding weeds and roots to compost, because they can “contaminate” your compost with seeds that could start new weeds once in your garden. The solution, according to many people, is simply to ensure that the cuttings and weeds are fully composted before you put the mixture on your garden.

Compost bin

This part of the garden is still a work in progress. It was looking nice with Nellie the passionfruit, but she has been moved now. Still, it will look great one day! At least it’s a bit more weed-free now.




…and after!

Obviously, the hardest part of making successful compost is ensuring that you put the right things in it, as well as tending to the bin by keeping the compost damp and turning the contents over frequently to stimulate the composting process.

I made some helpful signs to remind the household what can and cannot go in the compost bin. I put them in plastic pockets for protection. Now, we just have to start collecting – the new regime starts Monday!

Compost bin sign

Compost bin sign

Compost bin sign

Here is my sign, if anyone would like to use it or adapt it for themselves (it’s a word document): COMPOST BIN

What are your composting tips and tricks? I can do with the help!

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6 thoughts on “Going Green – September Short Projects

  1. Jacinta says:

    Michael & I got a compost bin when we moved into our house 3 years ago and have successfully put compost into our veggie garden each year. The only thing I can add to your list is leave out citrus & chilli- worms don’t like it. Just add what you can when you can and be patient :)

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