Christmas Stocking (Get it??)

I had the best weekend this weekend. I needed to get a couple of things from the shopping centre, and I took a few gift vouchers along that I’ve been saving up. Well, it turns out that I’m by no means the only one who has been getting in to Christmas  a little early this year – there were Christmas bits and pieces everywhere! I walked out with quite a few awesome craft supplies, and it felt especially great because I used my vouchers instead of “real” money!

Here are some of my favourites:

Christmas bells and scrapbook paper

I got these Christmas bells and gorgeous scrapbook papers from Kaisercraft, which I have mentioned once before. They sell the best things. In store they had decorated some bells themselves, and they looked so fantastic that I had to have a go. I think I will make them into a garland to hang in the window, but we’ll see. I also bought some other wooden cutouts, some ribbon and some acrylic paint – $1 each! – and I was able to use the birthday voucher that my sister gave me earlier this year, which I have been carefully guarding.

Christmas craft decorations

Here are the paints and ribbons, along with some glitter glue and glitter from Riot Art & Craft – a fantastic all round store for art and craft supplies (no kidding!). The curling ribbon, string, raffia, tags and bows all came in a pack from good ole Woolies, and the whole thing was $5! I bought two ;). I thought they would be great for decorations, wrapping and just general craft.

Christmas deer

My mum had a pair of Christmas deer exactly like these when I was growing up, and as soon as I saw them in Riot Art, I had to pick them up. I spray painted them gold with some paint I bought for another work-in-progress project. I’d like to put some pretty Christmas ribbon around their neck, maybe with a nice gold bell. Seeing as we just moved in to our place last February, we don’t have any decorations of our own, but with this lot, I feel like I have made a pretty good start!

Have any of you started on your Christmas crafts yet? What are your project ambitions? Also, is anyone else a little bit obsessed with looking up Christmas crafts on Pinterest? – Because I do it 24/7 these days!!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking (Get it??)

  1. Jacinta says:

    The best Christmas craft i did was a nativity scene in primary school. I made it using a technique called “Quilling”. Basically you twist paper into mainly circles / curves to create 2D or 3D shapes of your choosing. It only requires a simple tool (probably available form craft stores), any paper/card board you have & craft glue. It can look very effective and there are many creative things you can do. Maybe something you could try one day :)

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