Malteser Mountain Cake

To round off recipe month, I have two more delicious recipes to share with you! The first is this creation, which I have fondly come to think of as the Malteser Mountain Cake.

Now, in my mind, there are two types of cake: the ones that you spend a long time making and baking, and the ones that you spend a long time decorating. I don’t believe in the third category, the ones that you spend a long time making, baking, and decorating. They shouldn’t exist. Continue reading

Esquites Increíbles

Considering that November seems to have become recipe month, today I bring you another recipe!

Despite living in Texas for four years, I really didn’t pick up a single shred of talent for Mexican cuisine (or even Tex-Mex). So when I discovered this AMAZING recipe for Mexican street corn – esquites – last week, I was pretty darn excited. It is delicious, and it tastes so authentic, I forgot I wasn’t Mexican myself for a moment. We had a bit of a Mexican fiesta for dinner, so we put a bit in our fajitas, and ate some on the side – it was gone in record time. Continue reading

Very Cherry Slice – Birthday Recipe Week


Hello everyone, happy Monday! I realise that it is Monday, and not last Friday, when I should have done this post, so my apologies! Life kind of intervened in my week of blogging last week!

Today I bring you a new creation, Very Cherry Slice. It’s a super easy, no-bake slice that will impress all your friends and relatives! Promise! Plus, with its classic Arnott’s Marie Biscuits and Cadbury Cherry Ripes, it’s a bit of an Aussie classic! I was inspired by the recipe for Terri’s Cherry Ripe Slice over at Continue reading

Heirloom Tomato Salad & Jap Pumpkin and Pine Nut Salad – Birthday Recipe Week

recipe1I thought I would start Birthday Recipe Week off with some healthy salads – practically the first salads I have ever made. I’m not really a healthy eater. As such, I think it is important to disclose that these are not my own recipes!! I wouldn’t know the first thing about making a salad (or anything at all, really) without my Bible, the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook series. Continue reading

I can do that! is 6 Months Old!

thankyouSo guess what everyone? My blog is 6 months old this month! Pretty exciting stuff! This is the first blog I have ever written, and it’s been a pretty steep learning curve, I can tell you!

I think the toughest parts have been learning to ration my enthusiasm (so that I don’t do 100 posts one week, and none the next!), and realising that no, not everyone I know is going to read (or like) my blog. Even though I know they would like it if they just gave it a chance! ;) Continue reading

Jubilant Jellybeans

jellybeans9A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about repotting my passionfruit vine. You may remember that I put it in a paint tin (it’s still there, actually) that had been filled with jellybeans. As a result, we had a slight jellybean surplus in our house, so we decided to get creative with the beans.

For the mini-beans, we cleaned up some recycled jars and sorted them by colour. Then we practised our photography skills on the pretty colours (these photos are by Mario). Continue reading