Happy Hallowe’en!

marios pumpkinHappy Halloween everyone! I hope you all had a great and spooky night.

pumpkin door

We don’t really celebrate Halloween much in Australia (although it is catching on, much to some people’s unhappiness), but Mario and I got into the spirit by carving our own pumpkins and having our friends Shae and Dave round for dinner and a scary movie.

pumpkin cat

Lara the pumpkin cat

Mario pumpkin

Mario’s first ever pumpkinMario's pumpkin

tamaras pumpkin

My pumpkin

our pumpkins

By the time we put them out for Halloween, they were mouldy and disintegrating… Check out the slugs crawling on Mario’s pumpkin! I think it adds to the atmosphere…

We had pumpkin risotto for dinner, to stay in theme, and Shae outdid herself with some candy apples for dessert. Despite living in the States for four years, this was my first one! It was incredible, I want one for dessert every day. Shae left two extra ones with us, so at least I can settle for two nights in a row! ;)

candy apple

Shae’s amazing candy apple

This last week I have been transferring my photos from my old, dying laptop to my new, beautiful macbook. I’ve been feeling very nostalgic and missing America and all my high school friends, so celebrating Halloween was a lovely reminder. And, as a bonus – I found a few of my past pumpkin attempts!

old pumpkins


Pumpkins are so flipping expensive in Australia, so I made the most out of this one by carving both sides.

P.S. Guess what? We officially bought our house yesterday! Happy November everyone!!

mortgage day

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