I can do that! is 6 Months Old!

thankyouSo guess what everyone? My blog is 6 months old this month! Pretty exciting stuff! This is the first blog I have ever written, and it’s been a pretty steep learning curve, I can tell you!

I think the toughest parts have been learning to ration my enthusiasm (so that I don’t do 100 posts one week, and none the next!), and realising that no, not everyone I know is going to read (or like) my blog. Even though I know they would like it if they just gave it a chance! ;)

While it can be frustrating trying to build up readers, and hoping that the process is just a slow one, and that it’s not that my writing is crap, one thing makes it totally worth it – YOU! Yes, that’s right, you who are reading these words right now. Thank you so much for coming over to my blog, and reading it, and (hopefully) thinking that my words and crafts and projects are actually worthwhile! You have NO IDEA how much that means to me. Thank you. <3

It’s YOU who have made I can do that! so worthwhile. From my first WordPress commenter, Linny, to my most loyal reader and friend Jacinta (who literally reads and comments on every single post I do, bless her!); from all my new WordPress friends who inspire me every day with their own blogs (sometimes they inspire major jealousy!) to everyone who comments or just stops by for a look, you have turned this project in to something worth doing, something that I cherish and celebrate, something that I really love. And I’m so proud of it! I’m so proud that I’ve actually kept doing this for 6 months (and hopefully for a long time to come!). It makes me so happy. And there is NO WAY I could have done it without you!

So anyway, in the spirit of things, I have decided to celebrate with a week of my favourite recipes! It’s a triple bonus of getting to share my recipes, getting to munch on all my favourite things, and having the chance to whip up a couple of specialities for my wonderful Mum, whose birthday is this week (and who, incidentally, also reads all my posts, because she is great). I hope you enjoy them, and in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! <3

Here’s to the next 6 months!

Love Tam xxx

17 thoughts on “I can do that! is 6 Months Old!

      • loobyloucreations says:

        Thank you so much :) I am hoping I can post enough to keep peoples interest.
        Hoping to improve my knitting skills went to the library today and got lots of books, just need to write a list for xmas now to get what I need :D

  1. Jacinta says:

    :D Congratualtions on all yoru hard work, if you can achieve all this in just 6 months I can’t wait to see what you will have completed by the end of one year! Congratulations!

  2. Paul J. Stam says:

    Congratulations on the 6 months and I’m looking forward to your blog at 6 year mark. In the meantime I will be following you. I want to thank you for liking my Pot Sale bit on papermudandme.wordpress.com. – Thanks and Aloha – pjs.

    • tamyraptor says:

      Thanks :) I’m really looking forward to reading some more if your blog too – I have only dabbled in pottery, but I love it! Almost as much as I share your love of mud haha. Aloha!

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