How to fix the broken pipes in your irrigation system (because you hit them with a spade)

I feel like the title says it all. We managed to put about 20 holes in our irrigation piping while digging up our lawn to lay turf. Luckily, they are easy enough to fix, and once my uncle explained it to me, I had a lot of opportunities to perfect my technique.

Step 1. Buy supplies. 

We needed connectors, clamps and some new hosing for the particularly perforated pieces of piping (see what I did there??). The connectors are about $0.60, clamps around the same, and 50m of new 19mm hosing came to $13 from Bunnings – a super cheap fix. Not as cheap as, you know, being careful of the hose in the first place, but what can you do?

Step 2. Cut your hose. 

Slice cleanly through the hosing where a hole is. Decide if you want to connect those pieces again (for just one hole), or if you want to remove a whole section and insert a new one (for many holes).

Step 3. Connect the pieces. 

Using one of your connectors, insert both ends into the pieces of piping you want to join. I used some Mr. Sheen on the inside of the pipe ends to help them slide on easier, as it was quite hard to get them on. Put your clamps in place and tighten using a pair of pliers. Lather, rinse, repeat, and you’re done! Who knew fixing things could be so easy?


5 thoughts on “How to fix the broken pipes in your irrigation system (because you hit them with a spade)

    • tamyraptor says:

      Thanks :) I should have added that we don’t really use ours, because water is too expensive for us too, but I live in hope of the day that rain fills up our whole tank and we can water to our hearts’ delight haha.

  1. Jacinta says:

    Woops! There is nothing like an accidental breakage to quickly learn how to fix something but overall it sounds like it didn’t cause you too much greif! Your resoursfullness once again saves the day! Good Job!

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