Painted Fairy Castle

painted fairy castleI got to have a bit of fun last night – I painted a fairy castle! My sister has her 21st birthday coming up, and as she wants to have a fairytale themed cake (an awesome idea), she needed a sweet cake topper to go with it.

My mum found this one in a cake supply shop for $20, which was very lucky. We’d been looking online, and I hadn’t seen anything even remotely affordable. When it comes to craft, I think bricks and mortar stores still have a lot over the internet!


The only problem was, it looked a little unfinished. I don’t know if you can see in the photo, but the front of the castle was just that – a front. There was no building behind it. Also, one of the crenellations on the tower had fallen off. I don’t know what the castle is made from, but it was quite delicate.

I decided to fill in the gaps with some white icing. There wasn’t really any reason behind that, except it was the only modelling substance I had to hand! I think it went pretty well.


After that was the fun part – painting with acrylics. I also used some PVA and glitter to jazz up the towers and doors. I miss being a kid and doing things like this! Georgia picked the colours and I love how it turned out. I will make sure to post a photo of the castle in action on the cake in a few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Painted Fairy Castle

  1. Jacinta says:

    Love the final look and can’t wait to see it on a cake! I have so many fond memories of paint these things every school holidays- if only I was a kid again :D If Georgia needs a birthday activity I would suggest painting

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