My Baby (Blanket)

my baby blanketSo a few weeks ago, I told you guys that I had three major projects that were keeping me busy. The first was our new grass – it’s still going really well, by the way! This was the second:




Mario’s cousin is having her first baby in a few weeks, and I wanted to make her something special and challenge myself at the same time.

By the way, sorry for posting so many photos, I am crazy proud of this blanket!


I used a Patons pattern with Shepherd’s Baby Merino in 4 ply (so it would be extra warm and soft) and knitted on 4mm circular needles.

Although it was only marked as intermediate, it’s definitely the most difficult (and LONGEST) pattern I have ever attempted. Almost every line of the pattern is different, so I had to have it with me all the time. In addition, making a mistake either meant frogging entire rounds, or purposely dropping stitches and reknitting a section. What a nightmare! I invented a whole realm of new swear words whilst making this blanket. My favourite SFW one was “funglehorn!”. Mario wanted to kill me on several occasions.

I should be grateful though, because knitting this blanket helped me understand in a small way how difficult life is for new mothers. Wondering how? Well, let me tell you.

Ways that knitting this blanket was like having a very small and fuzzy baby. 


  1. It came everywhere with me. To work, to the shops, family gatherings, holidays, in the car…. Added to that, I couldn’t leave without packing everything I might need, and then lugging it all around!
  2. People continually asked me dumb questions about it. Are you pregnant? Is it a hat? Is it a bag? Why would you waste so much time knitting something like that? (P.S., the answer is love. No other reason could have kept me going!).
  3. I couldn’t drink while I was with it. Drunk knitting? Such a bad idea. I made some mistakes whilst tipsy-knitting that took me HOURS to fix.
  4. It took up my entire life for 7 months. Yes, ok, having a baby takes up your entire life forever, but it’s still a long time!
  5. It was stupid expensive. Who ever said making things was cheaper than buying them? They lied. The comparison here is that babies are also expensive.
  6. It was all totally worth it in the end. I’m super proud that I made it, and that it looks good! Hopefully it will do its job of keeping Sammy’s baby warm, and will be something they can treasure. Good luck Sammy, you will be the most amazing mum and we can’t wait to meet your little muffin! <3


11 thoughts on “My Baby (Blanket)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tamara this is the most beautiful baby blanket I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on taking this intricate patten on, and especially completing the task. You have achieved Knitters Masterclass!

  2. Kathy Kronemberg says:

    This is the most gorgeous blanket I’ve ever seen Tamara .. Thank you ever so much. Sammy just loves it !! I can certainly see the hard work and painstaking hours which must have gone into making it, with the intricate design .. Good on you .. You should be so proud !!

  3. Jacinta says:

    WOW! Its amazing to see the finished product. Being a beginner knitter and knowing the love and time that goes into knitting and seeing you for the 7 months making this I think you have the right to post as many photos as possible. I aspire to one day be able to make someone like you something so priceless and beautiful as this :)

  4. Samantha Kronemberg says:

    Oh my goodness Tamara I can’t believe I just saw this!!! We love love looooove the blanket you made us. I knew it was a huge challenging project for you but after reading this and realizing how long it actually took I love it even more (if that’s even possible). We are eternally grateful and will treasure it forever! xxxxxxxxx big kisses and huge teddy bear hugs from sammy, steve and jared

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