Hanging Herb Garden

herbgardenfrontThis is a super cute space-saving project for the backyard – use a wall or fence to create a hanging herb garden!

I’ve tried to grow herbs in a few different places in our garden, but unfortunately there aren’t many places that get really good sunlight (most herbs need full sunlight to grow). The fence that hides our clothes line is north facing, meaning that it gets sun almost all day, in both summer and winter.


After giving the fence a fresh coat of paint, I hit Ikea to buy some supplies.


Ikea “bygel” hooks – $1.49 for 10


Ikea “fintorp” condiment stand – $14.99 each


Ikea “fintorp” cutlery stand – $7.99 each


Ikea “fintorp” rail – $9.99 each

We put it all together, screwing the rail in to the fence. You could set this type of garden up on a brick wall as well, but screwing things in to masonry can be a little more difficult!



We bought the herbs from Bunnings – chives, spring onions, rosemary, coriander, parsley, thyme, mint, dill and sage. I also got a strawberry plant, which has already given us four amazingly delicious strawberries – supermarket ones can’t even compare in terms of flavour and sweetness.


We’ve had the garden for a few months now, and it’s doing really well. The plants are protected from many garden pests, which is great. I water them once a day on my way to my car. The best part is having fresh herbs on hand whenever we need them! Plus they really jazz up our boring fence :).

3 thoughts on “Hanging Herb Garden

  1. Jacinta says:

    You are so full of fun and creative ideas. What a great way to not only give a feature to your fence but a useful one at that. Enjoy your herbs and can’t wait to read what you come up with next!

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