What does the fox say?

fox frontRecently I decided to get into crochet. This is my second project (like many people, granny squares were my first): the adorable Fox Scarf from BeesKneesKnitting.


This project came together so quickly – it’s a great beginner project to test your skills and learn some new ones.

One small issue was that the pattern was written using American crochet terms. Luckily I was able to look up the difference online – an American single crochet is a British double, and an American double is a British treble, as it turns out.


Another  ‘translation’ issue was that the pattern called for a worstead yarn, with the amount measured in yards. Here in Australia, we usually classify our yarn by ply, and measure it by the number of balls required. Yards to balls was easy enough – most balls print the average length on the sleeve, and it’s easy to translate from metres to yards.

However, the weight/ply translation still does my head in, because they are not really the same thing. You can have a low ply in a heavy weight yarn (or so I have heard), or vice versa/anything in between. I had to sort of wing it, and I settled on Patons Jet, which worked like a charm. Plus it came in the perfect foxy colours.

fox6I thought it would be fun to add some ostrich feather yarn to the tail to give it a thick and fluffy look. I had to modify the pattern a bit, as crocheting with both the jet and the ostrich feather made the pattern too tight and stiff. Oh yeah, and I ran out of both types of yarn.

Basically, I halved the number of trebles that each round called for. The official instructions for the tail said to dc in each dc around. Instead, I decided to dc1, ch1, dc1, ch1, and so on.

fox5Now I just have to wait for the weather to cool down so I can take Mr Fox out and about. He’s pretty cute, don’t you think? A perfect alternative to wearing real fur, which, as we know, is evil and cruel. Cruelty to animals is never fashionable!


6 thoughts on “What does the fox say?

  1. Jacinta says:

    Love it! How creative and funky- so much personality! You are very inspiring learning new skills so quickly (and modifying them to suit your needs). I hope my beginner crochet works out just as well as yours :)

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