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Wow. I have not been keeping up with my blog lately. What’s that, you noticed? You’re sweet :).

I have a good reason, for reals. I was feeling flat. As Holly Golightly would say, I had the mean reds. I needed to spend some time recharging my batteries and going on a mental health kick. Unfortunately not a physical one though. I had to take a break just then to find a chocolate chip I dropped under the couch. Did I eat it, you ask? Of course I did.

Anyway, I have been absent, but I have not been idle. Not by a long shot. I’ve got a whooooole list of projects that I have been saving up to share with you, and I can’t wait. But, to take it slow, I thought today I would just share with you this super cute Laundry Tip Jar I made as part of my epic Laundry Revamp.

I used a spaghetti jar, some ribbon from Costco (how great is Costco?) and a Kaisercraft label. I stole¬†the coins¬†from Mario’s spare change bowl for a little seed money, but now my tips are thriving on a steady diet of laundry pocket change. Merci beaucoup ;)


I missed you guys! It’s good to be back :)

2 thoughts on “Back to Blog

  1. Jacinta says:

    oww, what a great idea- I need one for work I think with the amount of small tasks I have completed lately- although chocolate would also be a viable donation :p Keep the posts coming- I have missed them and you are creative and inspiring :D

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