Laundry Makeover: Part 1

laundry front 1When we moved in to our house, I think I went colourblind. For some reason I thought it might be nice to have a bright red in-tray and a bright blue binder sitting in our laundry (actually I think ‘some reason’ might be because they were really cheap).

Anyway, when I decided to give our laundry a makeover, I thought that rather than buying new ones, I would jazz them up with some matching colours.

I was shopping at Kmart one day when I saw a nice quilt set for $8. Can you believe that? I wouldn’t put it on my bed, but I was more than happy to chop it up and use it for crafty things :). First use? Covering the binder and in-tray!

Voila, the in-tray…


Annnnd the binder. :)


intraybinderNext, I made some scrappy bows for my recycle and dry cleaning baskets. I bought these baskets for about $15 each from a cheap ‘junk’ store – pretty good value for wicker!



Finally, using one of the pillow cases from the quilt set, I made a cover for the top of our washing machine. I simply cut the size I needed, folded the raw edges to the inside of the pillowcase, and painted the whole thing with a 1:1 mixture of PVA and water, in order to make it water-proof.

washing machineP.S. Notice the tip jar from last week’s post? :)

I love how easy and cheap it was to bring some colour coordination to the laundry, and I’ve got loads of fabric left over for anything else I want to do in future.

In the meantime, the next post will show some of the handy organisational bits and pieces I used to tame the laundry cupboards!

9 thoughts on “Laundry Makeover: Part 1

    • Tamara Kate says:

      Yikes, that must be hard in winter especially! I have to admit, it would be one of the least-used rooms of the house if we didn’t feed the cat in there haha!

  1. Jacinta says:

    You are amazing! Who else would be able to make there laundry look cute and colour coordinated?! What a great fun and easy idea, might truy something similar in our study :)

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