Laundry Makeover: Part 2

laundry makeover part 2The other day I showed you all the fun part of my laundry makeover, which involved doing some fun decorating, and not much actual cleaning or organising!  So this week, you get the less fun, but definitely more useful, Laundry Makeover: Part 2.

Let’s start with the ridiculously messy cabinet under the laundry sink. It was so crowded, and I could never find anything in there. Because of the low shelf, many things didn’t fit standing upright. So, first things first, I got rid of the shelf. It immediately make it easier to organise the cabinet.

I bought a couple of Ikea GLES boxes ($1.99 each) and organised the cleaning products into two camps – things for cleaning the toilet (including dedicated rubber gloves) and things for cleaning everything else. I’m a little bit of a germaphobe.


My favourite thing about the buckets, aside from how easy they make it to keep things organised, is that if the cleaning products spill, they are super easy to clean up. And somehow, the cleaning products always do seem to spill…

My next point of attack was the big laundry cupboard. As you can see from my before and after pictures, everything was just crammed in haphazardly. Ikea saved the day again with their GRUNDTAL door hooks ($3.99 for two), which are perfect for hanging the ironing board.

cupboard before

Cupboard after

Sorry for the bad photos, its a pretty small space, so it’s difficult to get the whole cupboard in the frame.

I found homes for a lot of things that were originally in the cupboard that really didn’t need to be there, which made so much space. You can open the door now without everything falling out! I used the upper shelf (which is pretty much too high for me to use regularly) to store my endless supply of Costco tissues and soap, while in the mop bucket, you can see my Costco industrial sized jug of Handy Andy. I have a bit of a Costco problem…

Here are six very handy and/or pretty bits and pieces that I worked on after I (finally) got past the cupboard:

bits and pieces

1.  Ikea PORTIS drying rack ($24.99), which can be folded down for extra space (sometimes I feel like Ikea should be paying me. Ha!).

2.  Plate for soap, sponge, toothbrush (we use it to clean the cat’s bowl) and cat food spoon. This keeps mess to a minimum, stops soap from dripping on the bench and is sooooo easy to clean. Notice my homemade soap dispenser there??

3.  Shelf from Bunnings ($15 or so, plus they cut it to size for me!), with fuzzy bunnies from Target, peg box from the Reject Shop and flowers from Ikea. I also put in the towel holder, from Bunnings (about $15 I think), and got the towel for about $5 from Kmart as part of a matching set. The shelf and towel holder use the space over the washing machine where a dryer would usually go. We don’t have one, and I don’t really anticipate getting one any time in the future, so I thought I might as well use the space. 

4.  $3 placemat from Kmart for Lara’s food. She is the MESSIEST eater I’ve ever seen, but this way the mess is (more or less) confined to the mat. Her bowls are also from Kmart, also $3. We feed her up on the bench because she is a princess. Also, it saves space on the floor. P.S., notice my lonely socks club? Why do I make so many things that end up in the laundry?

5.  Pin board behind the laundry door, instead of on the bench where it did not get used and took up space. It’s perfect really, because what else would you put there?

6.  The best invention ever (if you own a cat). This corner kitty litter saves so much space, and the raised rim keeps sand from going all over the floor. I was also quite proud of my spark of genius in hanging the scoop on the wall.

So, there you have it! My laundry is all made over. I’ve put a few more before and after pics below for you to admire (just in case you haven’t had your fill of looking at my laundry, ha ha). Now I can proceed to let my washing pile up for weeks whilst being surrounded by organisation and prettiness. :)

bench before after 2

bench before and after


12 thoughts on “Laundry Makeover: Part 2

  1. Mario says:

    Best use of Laundry space Ever !!! :) From the hooks behind the doors, to the inside mini clothsline and organized buckets for each cleaning group your can’t fault it… Great work babe xo

  2. Jacinta says:

    This is by far the prettiest laundry I have ever seen! You make it go from an everyday room to a room that is both functional and beautiful. Your coming to my house so I can get some first hand perspective on how to beautify our house. Great job!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks great Tamara. Love the before and afters.. You are very clever, creative and talented and I also enjoy reading your blogs… By the way I have finished the booties but still need to sew them up.. Think I might tackle a hat now. xx

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