Chalkboard Magic

chalkboardAlmost a year after I first made my chalkboard feature wall, I finally got around to redecorating it! Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as easy to clean beforehand as I had vainly hoped…

Google ‘clean chalkboard’ and the results generally include wiping it with vinegar and warm water. I tried that, but the results were less than stellar. You could still see the shadow of everything I had drawn, no matter how much I scrubbed.

I decided to improvise with my favourite useful ingredient, olive oil. I gently wiped all over the board with a small amount of olive oil, and it came up beautifully, just like new.

However, I soon found out that there had to be a final step – cleaning off the olive oil. Otherwise, as I learned, your chalk designs will slowly disappear! I used some Spray & Wipe to clean off the olive oil, which was perfect. The board kept its glossy black shine and the chalk no longer disappeared! Windex also works really well, but I ran out halfway through.

I experimented with skipping the first and second steps, but I had the best results when I used all three. It’s a pain, but worth it in the end. :)

chalkboard 2

After I figured all of that out, I got to the fun part of creating a new design. Drawing with chalk is surprisingly fun, not least because you can fix any mistakes so easily! This time I went for a theme of ‘celebratory with a touch of Harry Potter’. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Chalkboard Magic

  1. Jacinta says:

    I think like all your creations its amazing! You are so talented and gifted adding all these homely and personal touches to your place. It looked great for your birthday party and is always such an interesting feature wall. Can’t wait to see what you draw there next :)

  2. Mario says:

    And here I was thinking our chalkboard could not get any cooler, and now we have this designer piece ! As per usual looks amazing :)

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