Chalkboard Candle Jars

Chalkboard candle jarsIt has been suggested to me once or twice that I have a very real chance of being identified as what is colloquially known as an obsessive compulsive hoarder. Personally, I think such a characterisation is grossly unfair, but what can you do? The fact of the matter remains that I really really don’t like to throw things out.

Take jars, for example. We go through a lot of jars, Dolmio bolognese sauce being one of my favourite food groups. I recently stopped collecting jars, after I had accumulated them for about a year and a half. The pantry was chock full of them. ‘I’ll use them!’, I’d cry when Mario complained; ‘I have an awesome plan!’.

Well finally I did get around to using them, just like I said! I saw this idea on Pinterest (where it pretty much made the internet explode from cute-ness) and the original post is on HeartLoveWeddings. What a great and cheap idea for some lovely candle holders/display jars.


I used contact/book cover from the supermarket to cut out two types of templates: a solid shape for the black candle jars, and a hollow shape for the display jars. Then it was as easy as sticking the templates on and painting.

Man that chalkboard paint smells bad. Also, definitely do not test out how a candle will look inside until it is completely dry. Our house smelled like aeroplane fumes and I only saw afterwards that the paint is extremely flammable! Whoops!

jars4Once the paint had dried I added some chalk detail around the edges of the candle holders and tied some string around the tops. This made a huge difference – when I first saw the freshly painted jars, I was so disappointed by the effect that I thought I would have to write this one down as a Pinterest fail!



I realised after I tested out a few jars that those which had their templates positioned closer to the bottom looked better with the candle inside, as you could see it. Some of my jars were probably a bit tall for this purpose – fat, squat jars would work really well. They are also easier to get a lit candle into!


I have a bit of a love affair with these jars now. I think they look so great. I want them everywhere!

I was really pleased with how the display jars turned out as well. I’ve already used them a couple of times – once at a party to label and hold food, and currently as incubators for some cyclamen seedlings at work. :)

jars5They would look even better if I had cool calligraphy handwriting – alas!

To sum up, because of my hoarding, we now have a lovely set of candle holders and display jars. Vindication!!! Let the hoarding continue!

5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Candle Jars

  1. Jacinta says:

    At least your hoarding is pretty!!! Another success for turning an everyday house hold item that would end up in recycling bin into a fun house decorative piece. How beautiful and the sky is the limit for patterns and designs :) Great Job!

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