Copy Cat Clothing

dress frontEarlier this year I had one of those great shopping moments, where you see something in a window and it’s love at first sight. A shop window, that is, not like, someone’s home… That would be creepy.

Anyway, I saw this dress at a little boutique in Kingscliff, and in addition to loving it to bits, I could actually afford it! Needless to say, I bought it right away.

It’s so perfect. Loose fitting, comfortable and yet elegant – a dress you can wear to a nice event, but actually still eat in! Also, it has so much potential to accessorise!

Despite the fact that I wear it all the time, I don’t have any good photos of my perfect dress… sorry! And when I say I wear it all the time – I really mean that. So much so that I was starting to worry that people might think I didn’t own any other clothes. To combat this problem, I came up with a plan – to copy the dress!

Before writing this post, I did a little reading on the legality of copying clothes. It turns out that (in America, at least) there isn’t any copyright in clothes – you can feel free to copy away. You might run into problems if you made a carbon copy of a signature item and started selling it yourself, especially if there’s a chance you could pass it off as an original, but I think in my case, I am ok.

Of course, it’s always a nice idea to give credit to the original designer, which I would gladly do, but my beloved dress didn’t come with any tags or labels! So I am a little out of luck as far as that goes.

Anyway, back to my plan. This dress was super easy to copy. No zips, buttons or any other notions. Same on the front as on the back. I simply traced the outline of my original dress onto some baking paper, and used the paper as a template to cut two opposite pieces of the fabric I’d bought. PS – I bought the fabric online for about $15! Winning.


I sewed along the green lines, and then did a roll hem on the neckline, arm line and hemline. I love how it turned out! I actually bought a few different fabrics so I could make a couple, so I’ll keep you posted!


Have any of you copied a favourite item of clothing? Do you feel a little guilty when you do it (I do!)?


Thanks for the photo Chandi :)

One thought on “Copy Cat Clothing

  1. Jacinta says:

    WOW! Thats super clever and means you can have muliple colours of the same thing :) How creative of you! If you can do it then I think go for it. You look FABULOUS!

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