Pretty in Polaroid – September Short Projects

pretty in polaroidThis project is all about photos, and their best friend, Photoshop. Polaroid and Instagram-style photos are all the rage at the moment, with some stores (I’m looking at you, Kikki K) offering to print your pictures in this style for an exorbitant price – I’ve seen places quoting $10 for 10 photos. I used to work in a photo printing centre, so I knew I could do better than that.

I fired up my Photoshop Elements. Rather than using it to thin-out my thigh gap (I’m not sure even the clone-stamp tool could manage that!), I used it to create a polaroid template for my photos and printed them out for 15 cents each at Harvey Norman.

In order to recreate the polaroid look, I picked some of my favourite photos and increased the saturation and contrast to give them that extra-bright look. I used a thin black fading border on the template also, which really helped give the illusion of depth.


My first idea was to make a photo garland with mini pegs. It looked great, but because it only took up a couple of inches at the top of the wall, it tended to draw the eye to the fact that the rest of the wall was blank.


The second idea worked much better – I created a heart shape from the photos (which took more time than I’d care to admit) and mounted it on the wall with painters tape (to protect the paintwork). I actually used all but a couple of the 120 or so photos that I printed, which was great – the photo garland had only used about 40.


polaroid 5

To finish off the design, I added this Love sign that I bought from Kaisercraft a few months ago. It came unpainted, so I chose a lovely blue/teal colour and went over every inch with glitter glue. I love how it completes the look.



This has been one of my absolute favourite projects that I’ve made for our house. I love wall art, and I love that we now get to display our photographs in a unique way. 

If you’d like to check out some of my other wall art projects, have a look at The Fish Issue  or my  DIY ChalkBoard Feature Wall. If you’d like a copy of the photoshop template I used to make these photos, leave a comment below or shoot me a message. Finally, if you’d like to read some more September Short Projects (can you believe September is nearly over??) here’s a selection:

9 thoughts on “Pretty in Polaroid – September Short Projects

  1. Jacinta says:

    What a busy bee you are! I love knowing that I have seen this in real life and it does look fantastic! I agree that its a beautiful and unique way to look at and displace photos and it definitely brightens up your kitchen :D Your always so creative!

  2. Mario says:

    I must admit this makes our kitchen really come to life ! Full of colour and some amazing memories, plus its a great way to show off all the fantastic holiday destinations we have been on :) xox

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