A Plaque Lark – September Short Projects

plaque main photoAnother year, another September has been and gone. It really is a great month – spring makes me so happy. What makes me even happier is that it’s finally passionfruit season! :)

For this year’s last September Short Project, I wanted to show you a plaque that I made for our bedroom door.

The plaque and wooden letters were from Bunnings, which does them much cheaper than many other places I’ve seen. Ahhh, Bunnings <3.

The letters are Mario and my initials, if you didn’t get that.


I felt a little overwhelmed with all the options for decorating my plaque, so I decided to keep it simple and stick with white. I gave the plaque and the letters a few coats each of white water-based acrylic, and then jazzed them up with some wrapping paper that I’ve had stashed in my craft cupboard for about 10 years now… I knew it would come in handy one day!


I painted the ‘&’ symbol with black oil-based paint. It took forever to dry, but it turned out really well. It has a really rich colour (or ‘non-colour’ I guess).


I love how this plaque turned out, and – bonus – now I don’t forget where I’m meant to go to bed each night, ha ha. It was very quick and easy (that’s really just my mantra isn’t it?), and – best of all – cheap!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s September Short Projects. I’ve certainly enjoyed making them! If you want to check out the others, here they are:

7 thoughts on “A Plaque Lark – September Short Projects

  1. Jacinta says:

    You have had a very productive September! All the ideas are great and quick and effective. Love the plaque- so simple yet adds a beautiful personalized touch to your house. Great Job!!! :D

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