Kid’s Jungle Canvas

Last year I was browsing in one of my favourite craft stores (Kaisercraft) looking for something to spend my gift voucher on, when I saw some cute wooden jungle animals on sale for a few dollars each. I bought a couple and stored them away in my craft cupboard for a rainy day.

The perfect rainy day came last Christmas, when I thought I would have a go at making some canvas art for Mario’s niece and nephew.

I pulled out some scrapbook paper and pens, and got to work, using two 6 inch canvases from Riot Art and some wooden letters from Bunnings.


I painted the letter and animal shapes, and decorated them with scrapbook paper. I also covered the canvases with scrapbook paper, which took a fair amount of time to decide on, as I have way too much!!


I got in some great lettering and embellishing practice too.



It was so fun getting to work with – literally – a blank canvas. Mixed media isn’t something I tend to do much, but after this project I might have to start thinking up some more ways to practice – and make a dent in my scrapbook paper collection! :)



6 thoughts on “Kid’s Jungle Canvas

  1. Jacinta says:

    Oow, how lovely! I always loved multi media projects at school and as an adult never get to practice this skill. Looks fantastic and can be applied to anything. Great Job!

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