Monogram Frame

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last 10 days, I’ve been super busy! Why, you ask? Well, in fact, we had our engagement party last weekend! So, of course, I had to (yes, had to) do lots of craft projects to prepare!

I’m a bit proud of the project I’m sharing with you today. I came up with it all by myself (i.e., no pinspiration)! I bought the chevron fabric ages and ages ago online, thinking that I might make a cushion out of it. It wasn’t as thick as I had anticipated, however, and it wouldn’t really have worked. I’m pretty excited that I finally got to use it.

Frame 1

To make the monogram, I sketched my letters with reference to the font ‘rosewood’, which I love to bits. You’ve probably seen it used in my cover photos once or twice. Using an xacto, I cut the letters out of thin cardboard, which I then painted with a few layers of gold paint.

Frame 2

After the paint dried, I brushed on some PVA/craft glue and covered the letters in gold glitter. This was messy!!! But it looks awesome.

Frame 3

Keeping track of all the little inside bits of the letters was difficult – much better not to cut them out until after painting and glittering.

I glued the letters to some white card stock and mounted that on the chevron fabric in a white frame. I think it made a lovely addition to the party!

Frame 4


We were lucky enough to have a fabulous photographer taking some happy snaps on the day. In fact, Alan actually took the photo that I used as the cover photo for this blog! He has a great eye, if I do say so myself. ;)

2 thoughts on “Monogram Frame

  1. Jacinta says:

    Your party was great and I did notice a lot of craft decoration additions that I am sure are due to your handy work. Everything looked perfect! Nice personal touch and crafty use of your fabric :)

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