Totally Trendy Crochet Bunting (Part 1)

Bunting FrontThe idea for this project appeared fully formed in my brain, as if by magic. One moment I was thinking ‘Is that salami still good?’*, and the next, ‘Well of course, why wouldn’t I make crochet bunting for my engagement party with only a week and a half to spare?’.

(*This isn’t what I was really thinking, but just FYI, I find that salami is almost always still good…)

Luckily for me, I found the simplest, most elegant crochet bunting tutorial on Pink Milk. Heather explains the process beautifully.

I got to work, and to my extreme happiness, found that each flag only took about half an hour to whip up. I used 8 ply yarn (that I stole from another project, so it was freeeeee) and a 4.5 mm crochet hook. This is such an easy pattern that you shouldn’t hesitate to try out a couple of different yarns and hook sizes to find your perfect look.


I made a total of 16 flags, 4 each of 4 different colours. Once they were complete, I blocked them and, I have to say, I wouldn’t bother doing that again. It was a long and annoying process, and using the steam setting on my iron was much quicker and easier.

I used some spare cream 8 ply yarn to join the flags. I chained 24, then single crocheted along the top of the first flag (make sure you have the ‘front’ of each flag facing forwards). I chained 4 in between the flags, and continued until they were all joined, ending with another 24 ch. Then I went back and single crocheted along the entire white section.


I wasn’t quite satisfied with the look when I had finished – the edges of the flags seemed a little rough and unfinished. I decided to do one row of single crochets along the edges of each flag. With the flags facing towards me, I started in the top left corner. I think I did about 1 sc per row in the flag, but really it was just whatever worked to give an even, elegant finish. I added in a couple of extra scs at the point of the flag to make sure that it didn’t roll up.

Bunting 3

What do you think? I am really pleased with how they turned out! Make sure you stay tuned for Part 2: adding some crochet letters to make a beautiful personalised bunting. :)

Bunting 4

3 thoughts on “Totally Trendy Crochet Bunting (Part 1)

  1. Georgia says:

    These looked fantastic at the party! So many people commented on them! Can’t wait to see the pictures of them with the letters :)

  2. Jacinta says:

    This did look excellent at your party and what a great way to make a decorative keep sake! Looking forward to seeing part two. I now want to make one for a birthday banner :) Great Job!

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