DIY Clothes Peg Snowflakes

Happy Christmas season everyone! Last week I finally gave myself permission to start browsing Christmas crafts on Pinterest, and I immediately fell in love with some awesome clothes peg snowflakes from eighteen25.

To make each snowflake, you need 8 large sized pegs and 8 smaller sized pegs. I had some large wooden pegs left over from my Lonely Sock Club plaque, and I was pretty excited to finally have something to use them for. In addition, I had plenty of mini pegs in various sizes hanging around the craft cupboard. I’m always reluctant to use them for anything, because I love them so much.

The first step is to disassemble your pegs and glue the halves together back to back.

Once they have dried, use craft glue to stick four peg-pairs together in the centre. Then add four more peg-pairs, one at each intersection. 

I spray painted my snowflakes white before adding some blue glitter glue to some of them (the glitter glue is also a leftover, this time from my Pretty in Polaroid photo wall).


Once the snowflakes were all dry, I glued the layers together with craft glue. I am in love with  how they turned out, despite the fact that they don’t match the rest of my Christmas decorations (red or green didn’t seem appropriate snowflake colours, although gold might be worth trying!).

snowflake 3

As Mario pointed out, these snowflakes would also make a great addition to a Frozen themed party. Let it go, let it gooooo….. or, should I say…. let it snoooow.  ;)

4 thoughts on “DIY Clothes Peg Snowflakes

  1. Jacinta says:

    So pretty. Everything is better with glitter glue! You could also make small ones for Christmas coasters and table decorators. Fantastic!

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