Super Scrappy Stockings

It’s the third day of Christmas, and I had a work Christmas party this afternoon. Definitely feeling full of the Christmas spirit right now! Champagne and chocolate = Christmas spirit, right?

Luckily, today’s project is one that I prepared earlier. I have a firm rule about not sewing under the influence, both for my sake and my sewing machine’s.  Her name is Nina – Nina the Bernina – and I love her too much to ruin her by backstitching my fingers. Anyway, let’s get back to the purpose at hand:

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Super Scrappy (Christmas) Stockings

This year’s Christmas projects have been all about using things I can find around the house (because I have no money). A couple of years ago I bought two lots of tartan fabric in an after-Christmas sale, and it’s been lying around my craft cupboard ever since. I finally decided to get myself into gear and use it for what (I think) I originally intended – Christmas stockings.

Stocking 2

I wish I could give you some useful instructions about how I put these together, but the truth is that it was a total shambles. That made it fun thought! So my instruction to you is just to experiment and have a good time – there’s nothing quite like an adventure!


I cut a template out of cardboard as the first step, and that was just about the only forward planning that I managed to do. In fact, I completely forgot to add on the calico toes and heels, and had to unpick the feet to put them on afterwards! I used red embroidery floss and hand-sewed them on to give a nice scrappy look.

Stocking 4

This was a fairly simple project when you consider that it mainly just involved sewing around the edges with the right sides together, then turning the stockings right side out and sewing up the calico top. Despite that, I managed to create a lot of missteps! It all worked out in the end though.

Stocking 3

To finish off our stockings, I backstitched our names on the cuffs. Now we just need to wait around for Santa to fill them up with presents! I’m hoping for some more chocolate, but I think Lara is after something slightly fishier… ;)

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7 thoughts on “Super Scrappy Stockings

  1. Mario says:

    These Christmas Stockings look fantastic ! They are Great to give as a prezzie if you have run out of ideas or just need the perfect finishing touch to make your Christmas decorations stand out :).
    Yet another amazing decorative idea and i must say looking forward to the fourth day of Christmas (or should i say Blogmas)

  2. Jacinta says:

    Awesome! What a beautiful hand made Christmas addition to your home that just makes everything look perfect. Love it! I need a Nina so I can do things like this :p

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