Christmas Card Ornaments

Today’s post is a little on the late side because I have been crafting like a mad thing all day! I mean, except when I was working… Anyway, let’s get to it!

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Christmas-Card Ornaments

Ornaments 2

This project is actually perfect for after Christmas, rather than before, because I used old Christmas cards to make these sweet ornaments. It always seems like such a pity to just throw out old cards, especially when they’ve got a great design – much better to chop them up into little pieces and give them a new life for next Christmas!

Ornaments 5

This is a great project to do whilst sitting in front of the TV (I was watching Home Alone while I chopped up cards). All you need is a small circular template to trace around (a coin would work well), some cards, scissors, glue and twine.

Ornaments 3

Begin by tracing your circles on the back of your card. You need 20 circles per ornament. Cut them out, and draw an equilateral triangle on the back of each circle (I made a template for that at first, but then I got lazy and just eyeballed it).

Fold along the triangle lines (you can actually score them if you want very neat and impressive folds), and begin glueing the edges of circles together, until you form a sphere!

Ornaments 4

Add some twine to hang your ornaments from before you glue the last two edges together, or, if you’re disorganised like me, do it afterwards with a wool needle. Same same.

Ornaments 6And that’s it! I made some of these last year after Christmas, so it was nice to be able to pull them out this year. I made another 6 yesterday, using last year’s cards that I STILL have lying around. *coughhoardercough*

See you tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “Christmas Card Ornaments

  1. Jacinta says:

    How fun! I think I made these at school one year and you are correct- great use to recycle old Christmas cards while making beautiful Christmas decorations. Perfect!

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