#icandeclutter Days 4-6: Closet & Garage

Ermagawd, I had the most productive long weekend!

I tackled the spare bedroom closet, which – as you can see – was packed wall to wall with my clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.

Closet Before

I got rid of a whole load of things, and did some organising, and I am sooooo proud of the result. I can see where everything is! Plus – biggest bonus – there’s now spare room in the closet for when we tackle the closet in our room!

Closet After

Do you just love the shoe storage? I’ll tell you all about how you can D.I.Y. it once this challenge is over.

Anyway, on Monday I hit the garage. Mario has recently bought a beautiful new car to replace his very old, very broken one, and we decided that it was time to fit more than one car in our two car garage.

This is what it looked like before…. why do we still have an old couch in there??

Before Garage

After A LOT of moving, shoving, organising and decluttering, we not only have room for two cars, we also have a little gym corner! And a lot fewer spiders. And now all my screws and nails are separated into little plastic baggies. Win.

After Garage

I’m still going strong with my 20 Day Decluttering Challenge, and I am so pleased with how it’s going. The pile of things to donate is growing daily, and with each item I get rid of, I feel the weight of all this stuff lifting off me!

Stay tuned for more upcoming before and afters, and don’t forget to post your own photos and tag them with #icandeclutter!

5 thoughts on “#icandeclutter Days 4-6: Closet & Garage

  1. Jacinta says:

    I have heard that clear house clears the head. I don’t know why but when we are organized we feel better so you are really clearing up yourself as well at the moment. Keep it up. Each area looks fantastic! Once over if you just go through those spaces once a year every year you will have a happy De-cluttered house for life! (Easier said then done :S)

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