#icandeclutter Days 7-11

Sorry I haven’t been back with an #icandeclutter update for a few days –  I have been too busy decluttering (which is good!). I’m still going strong, although the parts of our house where I’m collecting all my donation items are starting to resemble an actual rubbish tip. I am sooooo looking forward to Friday, which is when the sorting begins. That reminds me, I suppose I should find some boxes…

I worked on the walk-in wardrobe in our bedroom yesterday, which was a lot of fun. How could it possibly be fun? I hear you ask. The answer is that it wasn’t my own clothes that I was getting rid of, it was Mario’s, so it was fun. I did a huge declutter of my own sections of the closet last year, so they were in pretty good shape. I still managed to turf a couple of things though.

Closet 1

Mario sorted through all the things that I had pulled out of his closet last night, and he has a real knack for decluttering. The amount of clothing we now have to donate is insane. If I have learned one thing from this process, it is that hanging on to t-shirts you’ve had since high school is really not necessary.

Closet 2

The other areas I tackled in Days -7-11 are the upstairs bathroom, our antique chest/coffee table which was packed with my craft supplies, our buffet drawers and our tv unit (which was overflowing with dvds, games and other general crap.

Here’s some before and afters of the upstairs bathroom, which was an absolute disaster. All those boxes you can see there are packed full of every cosmetic that I’ve ever owned, including many that ceased being useable about a decade ago.

Bathroom 1

Now when we have house guests, they can actually use the bathroom for their own things.

Bathroom 2

And here are the buffet drawers, which had become a receptacle for everything that didn’t have a home of it’s own. I’m particularly proud of this one! 
Drawer 2

The drawer organiser in the drawer on the left is something that I managed to repurpose from the bathroom cupboard – I was pretty excited about that. Drawer 3

9 thoughts on “#icandeclutter Days 7-11

  1. loobyloucreations says:

    Wow where did everything go lol? I decluttered a bit yesterday and my dressing table area looks so much better now :)

  2. Jacinta says:

    It does go to show how much stuff we tend to accumulate over time. The sad thing is it is so easy to add, put something in a draw and just close it. You are very inspiring doing this and your house will look even more fantastic when you are done. Only a few more days of the challenge left. Keep it up!

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