Cooking with Walter White

Don’t worry – this post isn’t about how my #icandeclutter challenge has led me to a life of drugs (yet). No, the challenge grinds on, days after it should have ended, because I have realised that it takes a lot longer to sort and pack mountains of junk than I expected. Or maybe I just accumulated more junk that I expected. Either way, the first three loads have left the house, and there are only about 40 to go! I will update you all (hopefully soon) when the challenge is finito.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this piece that I stitched up last week.

Heisenberg 4

It is my first ever attempt at cross stitching on linen (rather than aida). This meant that there were no handy holes telling me where to stitch, and I quickly realised that counting the threads was not an option – blame my sanity or my eyesight.

Heisenberg 2

I saw the Heisenberg pattern on Pinterest, and at the time I couldn’t find a link to the original, so I made my own version using Excel (I since managed to find it – it’s on Etsy by Bombastitch if you’d like to check it out).

Heisenberg 6

I decided to trace the pattern on my linen using a black pen – one cross in each black square of the pattern. Then I was able to easily stitch over the crosses – kind of like a printed cross stitch.

Heisenberg 5

I also traced the wording at the bottom on to my linen, and then back stitched it. I forgot to stitch the apostrophe – did you notice? I feel like a grammar pariah. At least you can see in some of the photos that I did actually draw it originally.

I mounted the finished piece in an embroidery hoop. I had to glue the fabric to the hoop at the back, because it was a little loose.

Heisenberg 1Finally, I glued a hook on to the back, and it was ready to go! I gave it to my friend as a housewarming present – hopefully she likes it! 
Heisenberg 3

5 thoughts on “Cooking with Walter White

  1. Jacinta says:

    Clever & funny! And what a great way for you to learn a new skill. Looks very effective and I like the final look. Great job. Looking forward to hearing about the finish line of the de-clutter project :)

  2. jessicacrafts says:

    It looks great! I’ve only just started my first cross stitch, I’d be completely lost without those little aida squares.

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