#icandeclutter: The Last Day

This post is soooo long overdue, I’m sorry!! I have been donating things left, right and centre, and it has taken a hell of a lot longer that I expected!

The pantry was the last area that I chose to declutter for my #icandeclutter challenge. The ‘before’ photos are actually from a long time before – maybe about a year after we moved in. The current state of the pantry has been much closer to the ‘after’ photos for a long time, but it definitely needed a refresh.


I went through all the food that we were storing, and threw out anything that was past its use-by date – it was a frightening amount of food. That’s one definite plus to having an organised pantry – you can see what food you have, and use it before it expires.

I got the plastic tubs you can see in the photos from Kmart – they were about $7 each. They help to keep everything in easy categories, and make for very easy cleanup if there are any spills.

After the decluttering part of the challenge, the real work began. The photo below shows only the clothes that we were donating – there were separate piles in another room for knick-knacks, homewares, towels, sheets, etc.


This ‘after’ photo is only about half of the bags that I filled – the others had already gone by the time I remembered to take a photo, and we still have a few items waiting to be donated.

In the next few days I am going to put together a great list of places to donate your pre-loved items if you live in or near Melbourne, so stay tuned – there’s a whole range of places that can use our help.

So that’s it for my #icandeclutter challenge – I am feeling pretty proud of myself! I LOVE seeing the areas of our home that I can actually use properly now because they are not full of junk.

If there is one thing I have learned, though, it’s that decluttering has to become a way of life. Keeping it up will be the true challenge, especially with my hoarding tendencies! All in all though, I think that living a simpler, more streamlined life is great for your wellbeing and mental health, and I am looking forward to sticking with it for the long run! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find me living in a micro-home.

4 thoughts on “#icandeclutter: The Last Day

  1. Rhey says:

    Wow! I salute you! Definitely something we all need to do at one point in our lives. We can accumulate so much crap that we dont even notice it. Good job!

  2. Jacinta says:

    WOW! That is absolutely amazing! Kudos to you! I truly believe it has to be a way of life and the only way i manage is to start by trying not to buy / keep excessive things and then to spend once every few months / a year doing the same de-clutter so things don’t get out of hand. Empty house, empty mind so you should now feel mentally better. AMAZING!!! I hope we all learn a thing or two from your example :D

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