Storage Solution: Hanging Shoe Rack

Story time!!!

Once upon a time, there was a shoe rack. It was the worst shoe rack that had ever existed, because it’s stupid wire design meant that high heeled shoes couldn’t sit on it without falling through and becoming hopelessly entangled. And it looked bad. And it took up a lot of useful room.

Shoe rack

So one day, the shoe rack was taken apart, repurposed, and used to fulfil a valuable role in society as…. a shoe rack! Oh, wait…

I think perhaps I am not going to end up as a master story teller. Oh well.

In any case, repurposing this shoe rack was one of my triumphant moments during my decluttering challenge, because I am all about utilising vertical storage space (and I really really hated it).

Shoe Storage Steps

I pulled the shelves of the rack apart, installed 4 sets of hooks on the panels on my closet doors, hung the shelves vertically and voila! Now the thing that annoyed me most about the shoe rack (that the heels of my shoes got stuck between the wire) is the most useful thing about it! Yay!

Shoes hanging on shoe rack

Using the hooks (rather than, say, brackets) meant that the shelves hung a little way out from the wood of the door, and that was really useful, as it gave the shoes more room to hang properly at the back.

Shoe Storage

I love being able to see all my shoes at one time, and having them soooo organised.  Plus I actually wear them more, now that it’s not a battle to get them out of the closet!

So to sum up, I used something that drove me crazy to create something new and life-improving – for free. Now that’s what I call a win-win!

Hanging shoes

P.S. – If you think I have a lot of shoes, you’re right, I do. But seriously, you should see how many my sister has. I blame her for my skewed perspective on appropriate shoe ownership!!! :)

5 thoughts on “Storage Solution: Hanging Shoe Rack

  1. Georgia says:

    Looks fantastic! Such a good idea! And such beautiful shoes!! I’m possibly going to steal some…they are calling to me!

  2. Jacinta says:

    I love it! Only you would think of such a simple solution and use for a shoe rack that originally was not functional and now is very functional! I wish i could do the same but alas I don’t have any high heels :S Great work!!!! :D

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