D.I.Y. Geometric Heart Wall Art

Wall Art Paper Heart

Hello my lovelies! Today I am sharing a project I made a couple of weeks ago as part of my campaign to have a brighter, tidier bedroom. Project: Tidy Room has been a success for almost three weeks now, and it feels great!

Paper Heart Wall Art

Geometric art is all the rage at the moment, so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon with some calming greens and golds. We’re in the market for a new quilt cover at the moment, and I have my eye on this gorgeous teal and white one. In hopeful expectation that I might get to buy it soon, I added teal to the colour mix.

Paper Heart

This project was easy and fun. I measured the space above our dresser, did a sketch of how I wanted the heart to look, and got to cutting up paper. As you can see, I used 20 triangles of different colours to make the heart. There were heaps of different patterns and combinations to try, and you can always lash out and make a different shape too. :)

Paper Heart Layout

Once I settled on the arrangement I liked, I glued the triangles to some thin cardboard, and mounted it on the wall with some painters tape (so that it doesn’t ruin the paintwork). In fact, this would be quite a good project to brighten up your walls if you are renting and can’t hang any pictures.

DIY Wall Art Heart

The heart matches in well with the picture we have over our bed – a large rainforest panorama (I should have taken a photo!), and I really like how it brightens up the space. Now to get my hands on that pineapple quilt cover….. ;)
Wall Art Heart DIY

Wall Art Heart

One thought on “D.I.Y. Geometric Heart Wall Art

  1. Jacinta says:

    Pretty! And simple with endless possibilities. I like the idea that you could change colours whenever you need a change or suss out if a colour combo works for a room. Nice job!

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