This, That, and Engagement Photos <3

My dearest, most loyal and lovely blog readers, I am so sorry that I have somewhat abandoned you over the last month. I have had a very full plate – work has been more intense than ever, wedding planning has had top billing, and there have been one or two personal dramas as icing on the cake! But never to fear, we’ve come out the other side now, and I couldn’t be more ready to share all the things I’ve been up to lately! Just a warning, things might be a little wedding-centric around here for the next few months! I hope you don’t mind. :)

As a way of saying thank you for sticking with me even though I’ve been a bit AWOL, I thought I would share some of the engagement photos that we had has taken by the wonderfully talented Alan Moyle almost a year ago now. Alan took the photos at a gorgeous heritage shopping village that is just a few minutes walk from our house, Maling Rd, as well as in the nearby Canterbury Gardens. It was really special because not only do we go there every weekend for breakfast or a coffee, Mario also had my engagement ring made there by Peter at Individual Jewellery, as well as our wedding rings.

You may recognise a couple of the photos as ones that I put in my home-made wooden frames a few months ago, and also from the home tour that I did for Emory of Hello, Scarlet Blog. 

I hope you enjoy them! :)

Engagement 1

Engagement 3

Enagagement 11

Engagement 4

I love this one so much, it reminds me of the room of requirement in Harry Potter! ;)

Enagagement 12

I can’t remember what Alan said to make us laugh, but he is very good at it. 

Engagement 2

Engagement 5

Engagement 13

Here we are, gazing off into our future… looks pretty good! 

Engagement 7

Engagement 15Another favourite, this one came about because I’d taken my shoes off and stepped on a prickle! Totally worth the pain though. :)

I love these photos so much, they bring back memories of such a special time in our lives. I’ve also used a couple for our wedding invitations, which I am really looking forward to showing you in the coming weeks. I made them all from scratch myself, which nearly drove me mad. I saved a lot of money though, so it was worth it (as you may or may not know, saving money is one of my favourite activities. So I can spend it on books and chocolate, you know?).

Tata for now!

-Tamara xx

5 thoughts on “This, That, and Engagement Photos <3

  1. charityknitsforanimals says:

    Love your photos you both look so happy and in love 💟 looking forward to seeing your wedding makes

  2. Jacinta says:

    Beautiful! Crazy to think its already been a year since these where taken! How time fly’s! You both look perfect in all the photos. What a beautiful set of memories.

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