Sweet Stanley Stegosaurus

Stanley Stegasaurus

Friends, meet Stanley. He is an extremely adventurous Stegosaurus who enjoys road trips, making friends and eating grass. Stegasaurus eating grass

I made Stanley over Easter (yes, it has taken me this long to blog about it, and yes, I am a terrible person) for a very special one year old’s birthday (but further to that whole terrible person thing, I didn’t finish him in time. It’s the thought, right?). 

He is a Heidi Bears design, which is excellent because all her patterns turn out exactly as they should, and her instructions are flawless. 

Lara was initially a little hesitant about Stanley. He is on the more outgoing side, whereas she is a bit of a wallflower. 

Meeting a cat

Within no time, though, they had become firm friends. At least, until dinner time, when they discovered they had some radically different food preferences. 

Stanley Stegosaurus meets a cat

As I mentioned above, Stanley also loves road trips. Here he is, driving to Phillip Island to see the penguins. 

Dinosaur roadtrip

As he is quite short, he sometimes needs the assistance of a friend to get a good vantage point. Luckily there is usually someone willing to help out. 
Dinosaur acrobatics

All in all, it can be said that Stanley is the happiest of dinosaurs. His only regret in life is that he didn’t have a larger role in Jurassic World. Here’s hoping he gets his star turn in the sequel! 

Dinosaur eating grass

4 thoughts on “Sweet Stanley Stegosaurus

  1. Jacinta says:

    He looks amazing! How do you do the actual dinosaur? Do the shapes make a dinosaur shape or do you buy a dinosaur soft toy and cover the outside? Looks fantastic. I must try this at some point. Brilliant!

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