DIY Art Deco Display Ladder

Art deco ladder image

You guys, I have been feeling so inspired these last few weeks. Lately it seems like ideas just burst into my head, fully formed, and compel me to make them now.  It’s been really fun! 

This project is one I have been wanting to make for aaages. As I’m sure you have figured out, I quite like copper (see how I can play it cool?). I also love hanging things on ladders – my best friend has an antique one which she hangs her scarves on that I lurrrrrve + want to steal. 

DIY display ladder

I really enjoy the clean, geometric lines of art deco that have been making a bit of a comeback recently. Plus the combination of white, natural wood and copper is so delicious + soothing. 

Display ladder art deco

While making this trendy ladder could not be easier, it wasn’t the cheapest project I’ve ever done – it came to about $60 (it was totes worth it though). Here’s what you need to DIY:
DIY ladder materials

  • 2 x 19mm by 1.8 m oak dowels
  • 1 x 19mm by 1.2 m oak dowel
  • 8 x 20mm by 20mm by 20mm copper capillary tees
  • 2 x 20mm copper capillary end caps
  • A cutting thingy of some description (as you can see, I used a hack saw)
  • White paint
  • Glue 

What to do:

  1. Cut both your 1.8 m dowels into 5 equal sections each (i.e., 36cm per section). 
  2. Cut your 1.3 m dowel into 4 equal sections (i.e., 30 cm each). 
  3. Paint your 4 short pieces white and allow them to dry. 
  4. Assemble the ladder using the copper capillary tees (the dowels should fit in snugly), using a mallet if necessary. 
  5. Use a small amount of glue to stabilise the ladder. 
  6. Add the copper capillary caps to the tops of the ladder.

See, didn’t I tell you it was easy?

DIY Ladder

Now you can use your ladder for awesome things like hanging up your beret, displaying your fancy throw rug (ours was $18 from Costco btw – winning!) or just looking pretty. 

Art deco display ladder diy

Orrrr I suppose you could use it to display your DIY wedding mag collection. Come on, you knew I couldn’t get through a whole post without mentioning the wedding, didn’t you? Only 46 days to go!!! 

display ladder DIY

Doesn’t it look oh so purdy next to my DIY copper lamp? I’m going to share a post on how to make that baby in the next few days. 

Art deco ladder diy

What do you think? Do you love this project as much as I do??

7 thoughts on “DIY Art Deco Display Ladder

  1. Jacinta says:

    Fun and functional! The best kind of activities that can be useful once completed. I like the copper – wood combo as well. If i was to do this I would add varnish to the wood, but that’s just me. Gorgeous job as always!

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