Friday Freebie: Free Phone Backgrounds for Bad Ass Babes

Friday Freebies Phone Backgrounds

This week was a bit of a drainer, and about half way through I realised that I needed a reminder that I am a strong, powerful, independent woman who gets shit done! No negative people can stop me! No bad friends can rattle me! I am a hurricane of motivation and positive energy, and I will crush everything in my path! With glitter! :)


But seriously though, I think it is so important to be on your own team, especially in times of stress. I can’t control other peoples’ actions, but I am the boss of my life and my actions. I own them. I am proud of them. And no, I don’t need a phone background to tell me that. But a little positive reinforcement goes a long way. :)


I hope that you enjoy these free iPhone backgrounds, from me to you, and that they bring a smile to your face, and some swagger to your step! *girl power*

(To download, just right click on the ones you like and select ‘save image’.)

IMG_3735PS – this last one is my fave. As Sinead and Queen Bey say, I’m not bossy, I’m the boss. #feminist

3 thoughts on “Friday Freebie: Free Phone Backgrounds for Bad Ass Babes

  1. Jacinta says:

    If i had an iPhone I would join you in this creativeness. I think I will just have to make my own. I have more 90’s motto’s in mind like “Girl Power”, “Confidence” and “Believe in yourself”. Hope what ever is stressing you stops and you start feeling confident :D

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