Paper Bridesmaid Bouquets Commission

Paper wedding flowersI kicked something awesome out of the stress box this week (FYI the stress box is how I am currently referring to my brain) – my first ever commission!!!!!! 

Yes, to all those people who are always telling me I should make money from my hobbies, I can now officially say that I do! The wisdom of taking on my first ever commission a few weeks before my wedding was questionable, but there you go. Wedding bouquet yellow greyThese paper bridesmaid bouquets were made for a friend of a friend who is getting married in January. She knew exactly what she was after, which made my life very easy. Yellow grey wedding bouqetI sourced the paper from a couple of different places in order to keep the costs for her as low as possible. The white and yellow flowers are high-quality card stock, while the grey is scrap-booking paper from the ever-amazing Kaisercraft. I considered a cheaper grey card stock, but it was too flat and monotone for my liking – I felt like it needed a bit more body and texture.Paper flowers bridesmaid bouquetsThe card stocks were definitely the easiest to work with, as they tended to hold their shape well. DIY paper flowers wedding bouquetThe grey chevron paper was the hardest to find. Chevrons are everywhere at the moment (including on my blog, clearly), but grey is a bit of an unusual colour. I lucked out while I was at Kaisercraft though – they had high quality grey chevron wrapping paper for a great price!Paper wedding bouquetThe stems are thick gauge wire wrapped in floral tape, and the ribbon is wired on the edges to hold its shape.Wedding bouquet paper flowersThe bride picked up her bouquets on Tuesday from my friend, and aparently she was really thrilled, which made me so happy. Being a bride myself, I know what a big deal things like this are, and I was actually really nervous! Paper wedding bouquet flowersSo there you go, my first commission! I’m feeling proud as punch. :)DIY wedding bouquetNow I just need to finish my own bouquets and I’ll be golden…! Bouquet bridesmaid paper flowersPS – check out my DIY ladder from the photo above if you haven’t seen it already! :) 

9 thoughts on “Paper Bridesmaid Bouquets Commission

  1. Jacinta says:

    Nice! I hope you still enjoy making these. Back in 2012 I was blown away when not only did you agree to see if you could make origami roses for me, but you made my whole bouquets for my wedding! You are so amazing and I smile every time I see them. Thank you for being so talented and for sharing it with the world

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