On the way to the wedding

Hey guys, what’s new? Nothing much? Well I have some news… I got married!! 

wedding trip 3

Yes that’s right, our big day arrived last Sunday, the 1st of November! Everyone told me beforehand that it would be the best day of my life, and they were right on the money. It was the perfect, perfect day, and I am SO excited to share it all with you. Every teeny tiny little detail… mwahahaha! 

Seriously though, there is sooooo much that I want to share with you guys that I have been keeping under wraps. I did A LOT of crafty stuff in the lead up to the wedding that I was just dying to post here, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. So prepare yourself for a wedding bonanza in the coming weeks!! 

To take our journey in a chronological order, I wanted to share a few snaps from our road-trip up to the wedding location. Oh, I should explain. We live in Melbourne, right near the bottom of Australia, but we chose to have a destination wedding in northern New South Wales, because it is a place that is close to our hearts. So the week before the wedding, we loaded up an ENTIRE car full of wedding decorations in my Dad’s car, and set off on a three day road trip. 

Wedding trip1

The whole trip was about 1700 km (1063 miles) over 20 hours of driving. Our first (short) stop was at Brown Brothers winery, because Mario forgot his phone charger there on a work trip the week before (convenient, me thinks). 

Wedding trip 2

We spent that night in Mittagong, at Darnell Bed and Breakfast. That was an amazing place, the hosts Mel and Jerry were so welcoming and kind. We were greeted with tea, shortbread and chocolate cake (my wedding diet only went downhill from there).

wedding trip 4

wedding trip 5

We were off the next day to Coff’s Harbour, thinking that it couldn’t get any better. How wrong we were. Santa Fe Luxury Bed and Breakfast was nestled in the foothills outside of Coff’s Harbour, and was a slice of heaven on earth. Alan, the owner of the property, is a landscaper, and planted every tree on the property bar one. It was pure blissful relaxation. We even saw a kangaroo hopping by the pond in the morning.

wedding trip 6

wedding trip 7

wedding trip 8

Alan recommended a tiny Mexican restaurant in Sapphire Beach for dinner. It was a transcendent experience… The prawn tacos were literally the best food I have ever eaten. Ever. Oh my god. Amazing.

wedding trip 9

wedding trip 10

wedding trip 11

wedding trip 12

Anyway, we arrived in Kingscliff the next day, and picked up my parents from the Gold Coast airport. We stayed one night with them in Kingscliff, before checking in to our hotel in Uki (which was right by our wedding venue).

wedding trip 13

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, peaceful, serene place to spend the days before and after our wedding. The floor to ceiling windows looked out on pristine forest, and could be opened all the way out. The view from our bed in the mornings was incomparable.

wedding trip 14

wedding trip 15

So that was how we went on our way to the wedding. Stay tuned for the next instalment(s)! ;) 

wedding trip 16

5 thoughts on “On the way to the wedding

  1. charityknitsforanimals says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more it all looks so gorgeous and I am betting you had a magical day just from these photos! 💟💞

  2. Jacinta says:

    You made it! What next? Did you get married? I love that I know the answer to that and got to enjoy your beautiful day with you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now its all over you can go wedding post crazy! :D

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