Before the big day…

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to drag the wedding recap out a little – it’s just so much fun re-living it all. :)

Before the big day 3

The day before the wedding was a hive of activity. We went and met with the staff at the venue, and then started on the reception flowers. I decided to DIY the flowers to save a bit of money, and all up they only cost me around $400 – bargain! 

Before the big day 1

I went with Australian natives for a few reasons – they are really reasonably priced when they are in season, they have a beautiful muted colour palette and they fit perfectly with the venue and the rustic theme of the wedding. 

Before the big day 4

My Mum did the lion’s share of the flower arranging (she has a great eye for it), but Georgia, Mario and Dwayne (Mario’s best man) all chipped in… their main job was collecting rocks to weigh down the flower arrangements. ;)

Before the big day 5

before the big day 6

before the big day 7

This bush turkey was also keen to help, but she got kind of grumpy when I wouldn’t let her in the house…

before the big day 8

Georgia and Dwayne were also busy working on their speeches (which were fantastic by the way). 

Before the big day 2

I looooooved the way the flower arrangements turned out (I will do a proper post on them later), and it felt so good to get them all sorted and shipped off to the venue. 

before the big day 9

Mum and Georgia also developed new skills, making the last few macramé jar holders. They didn’t seem too happy about it, to be honest, but they did it. ;)

befpre the big day 8

The last thing for the day was a run through of the wedding ceremony with our amazing celebrant, Taflyn. We practiced out on the balcony, and Georgia and Dwayne held on to the rings super tightly so they didn’t fall through the boards. :)

We went out for dinner with our families to celebrate our last day as an engaged couple, and I can tell you that after our busy day, I slept pretty well!

One thought on “Before the big day…

  1. Jacinta says:

    How beautiful where all the tables? I am glad you had a lot of help cause the day before there is sooo much to be done before a wedding. Looking froward to many fun wedding related posts :D

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