For the rest of my life…

Finally… the part you have been waiting for (and my favourite part) – the ceremony!! 

I hadn’t been nervous at all really during the lead up to the wedding, but once we got in the car to drive to the venue, I felt like I had eaten a live octopus for breakfast. I wasn’t at all nervous about getting married – it was more that I had spent so long planning what the day was going to be like, and it was happening! As Dad pulled the car up to the end of the aisle, I felt the weight of so many eyes on me, and it was one of the more intimidating moments of my life. 


My beautiful sister was the first to walk down the aisle, looking elegant as always. 


Coming out from around the car was one of the happiest moments of my life. I didn’t know where to look with so many people on either side, but once I met Mario’s eyes I didn’t feel a moment more of stress or apprehension. It just felt so joyful and right. 



The ceremony was so perfect, thanks in a huge part to our amazing celebrant, Taflyn. She was so calm and collected, and spoke beautifully. Her words were very personal and meaningful to us. Ceremony6

I love this photo of Georgia looking happy. :)


I didn’t think I would be too emotional during the ceremony, but I did tear up once or twice, especially during the vows. As corny as it sounds, my heart felt so full of love. I couldn’t stop smiling.


Mario’s parents couldn’t be at the wedding, because his mum has been very very unwell. They were able to watch via Skype though, which was awesome. His sister Melanie took his mum’s place as our witness, along with my mum. If you’re wondering what she’s looking at in the photo below, my sister and my cousin Hayden were performing a song (I See the Light from Tangled), it was sooooooo beautiful. I can’t wait to see the video. 


Mum bought us some little tubes of bubbles to hand out to the guests (thank you so much to whoever actually did that, by the way! I don’t know who you are, but I appreciate you!). The photo below is one of my favourites from the whole day.


Everyone was feeling pretty good after the ceremony (I know I was!). From the looks of it, my parents were too. :)


If you need to catch up, feel free to check out the previous wedding instalments. :)

The morning of

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On the way to the wedding

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