DIY Wedding Reception Flowers

DIY Wedding Reception Flowers

Let’s talk about DIY wedding reception flowers.

For me, the decision to DIY was an easy one – I’d seen my best friend do the flowers for her mum’s wedding, and they looked amazing, plus they were really economical. Anything that saved me money in the wedding planning process was a no brainer. Plus, it was just one more thing that I could exert my ever-increasing need for control over (yes, I know I have a problem).

To help you decide if doing your own wedding reception flowers is a good option for you, I have put together a handy flow chart, with some very important questions. Continue reading

8 things to know before a kitten steals your heart


Today is a special day – it is two months since Sirius Black became part of our family (our kitten, not the falsely convicted mass murderer and Azkaban-escapee). In honour of this joyous occasion, I thought I would share some of my hard-earned wisdom on the subject of kitten raising (my family has had our fair share of kittens). Meow!

1. Don’t get a kitten because you want a kitten; get a kitten because you want a cat

News flash: kittens grow up. Really, really fast. They are only adorable balls of kitten fluff for a few short months before they enter their awkward ‘rebellious teenager’ phase. Cats can live for over 20 years, so realistically they are only kittens for like 1/60 of their life. So if you only like cats when they’re kittens – don’t get a kitten. Go and play with some kittens at a shelter maybe, or become a foster carer.  Continue reading

Going Gaga for Gaga

Many of you don’t know this, but my sister Georgia is a very talented opera singer! Lately she has been working on a joint project with Daniel, my god-brother (yes, that is a real thing!), who is an amazing videographer. They’ve been creating and filming these awesome YouTube vids together, such as this Meghan Trainor medley: 

And my personal fave, the Britney Spears medley:  Continue reading

2015, what a year!

Hellooooooo! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all of that <3.

I have just gone back to work after a few weeks of cherished relaxation, and I’m looking forward to sharing what I got up to with you guys now that the craziness of Christmas is over.

But before we get into the swing of 2016 too much, I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to you guys, my wonderful, inspiring, encouraging readers, for making 2015 my BEST year of blogging. Knowing that so many of you, from all over the world, enjoy reading about my escapades brings me so much joy. Like, don’t get me wrong, I might still be blogging even if no one was reading, but it would be super depressing. Thank you for making this blog one of my favourite things in the world, and for making me feel like I make a difference <3.  Continue reading