Going Gaga for Gaga

Many of you don’t know this, but my sister Georgia is a very talented opera singer! Lately she has been working on a joint project with Daniel, my god-brother (yes, that is a real thing!), who is an amazing videographer. They’ve been creating and filming these awesome YouTube vids together, such as this Meghan Trainor medley: 

And my personal fave, the Britney Spears medley: 

Anyway, Georgia asked if I wanted to help her out with the latest video, and I jumped at the chance. The subject: Lady Gaga. 

Georgia had arranged a five-part medley of 10 Gaga songs, and wanted to do an individual Gaga-inspired look for each part. That’s where I came in!

I wouldn’t say that I am particularly (at all) talented with a makeup brush, but I do love to draw and paint, and that’s more what this involved (as well as a fair bit of gluing and spraying haha). The only thing we purchased was face paint – everything else was repurposed from things we had at hand. 

Here are the five looks we settled on: 

Red Bling

Lady Gaga red eyes makeup

What we did: After applying black eyeliner and false eyelashes, we used red face paint to create the circles. I then glued on individual diamontés using eyelash glue. The sparkly lip effect was created using red lipstick with a thin layer of lipgloss over the top, to which Georgia applied red craft glitter (apparently not a very pleasant process – Georgia told me she ate a fair amount of glitter while filming this part). 

Lightning Lover

Lady gaga lighting bolt makup comparison

What we did: After applying eyeliner and mascara, we used face paint (applied with a makeup brush and a toothpick) to create the lightning bolt. The pink eyeshadow was achieved using lipstick (the same shade as on Georgia’s lips). The hair was a black wig that we applied washable pink hair chalk to. Georgia applied a couple of beauty spots using diamontés from the look above. 

Jazzy Judas

lady gaga judas makeup comparison

What we did: We used liquid eyeliner and black face paint to achieve this look, which we applied with the eyeliner brush. Achieving flowing, even lines was much harder than I expected! I painted over Georgia’s eyebrows with face paint to bold them. We used a bandana that I had lying around at home to finish off the look. 

Pretty in Pink

Lady gaga pink makeup comparison

What we did: The giant eyelashes for this look were (of course) false, which made things nice and easy. After applying plenty of eyeliner, I used white eyeshadow to highlight the lids and the inner corners of the eyes, and black eyeshadow in the creases. The pale lip look was achieved by using the palest shade of pink we owned, with a small amount of white eyeshadow over the top. The hair was a black wig that we pinned up at the back, and the sparkly bow (which I love) was made using the offcuts of one of Georgia’s performing dresses. 

All Eyes on Me

lady gaga giant eyes comparison

What we did: This was the funnest look for me to create, and the most painful and irritating for Georgia. I painted the giant eyes on using black and white face paint over Georgia’s eyelids and eyebrows. It stung terribly, and stuck her eyelids together. She had to use a hairdryer on her eyes for at least 5-10 minutes before she could open them without the design smudging. She used washable red chalk in her hair to get the red look, and the beret that she wore (in the video, not in these photos) was actually our grandmother’s. 

So there you go – a little behind the scenes look at how Georgia transformed herself into Lady Gaga for a weekend. I think the process was definitely more fun for me than for her – I got to be creative, while she was stuck being poked and prodded and glued and painted for hours on end. But I think we can all agree that it was worth it in the end.

Check out her video below, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which of these looks is your favourite, or who you would love to see featured in the next video!! 

One thought on “Going Gaga for Gaga

  1. Jacinta says:

    FUN! So much glitter, mascara and face paint to create a gaga effect but she looks stunning! Cool little hints. Will try them next time I have a costume party :P

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