Geometric Hanging Planter

Geometric Hanging Planter DIY

I love a good hanging planter, don’t you? Finding more ways to bring greenery into my house is something that has been percolating in my mind for a while, and the other day I got a sudden hit of inspiration (I’m pretty sure I was meant to be doing something else, like vacuuming. Ugh). 

I’d purchased this lovely copper geometric candle holder from Kmart a while ago (Kmart is so trendy now, it’s actually ridiculous), but I never really liked it as a candle holder. It needed something…. more. 

Hanging planter

It was the perfect candidate for a bit of DIY action to turn it into a lovely plant home, and I had the perfect plant in mind, already sitting in my garden. 

Fern planter DIY

Hanging fern planter DIY

Picking an appropriate plant to go in your planters is the key to success (I have learned this through the death of many (many) plants). I wanted this planter to hang inside the house, so I went with a maidenhair fern. These ferns need diffuse light (they burn very easily) and plenty of moisture (great for a bathroom – you can water them every time you take a shower). 

DIY geometric hanging fern planter

I got the fern settled into its new home, and placed the glass holder back inside the copper frame. Because I wanted to be able to hang the planter, I dug out a length of chain links that I had lying around (yes, hoarding for the win), and used some pliers to make a two way split and attach it to the frame of the planter. I also attached a hook at the other end of the chain for hanging. 

Fern planter DIY hanging

Here’s how it looks, hanging in my kitchen. I love that the fern brings a bit of depth and drama to the planter, which looked a little washed out on its own. The juxtaposition of copper and green goes down a treat. 

DIY hanging fern planter

I actually love that the candle holder is glass – it kind of gives the planter a modern, sciencey look, like a test tube. There are a couple of little fern tendrils poking their way up along the sides of the planter now, and it’s lovely to be able to watch them grow.

DIY hanging planter

Clearly this was a pretty simple DIY, and I reckon you could repurpose a whole range of candle holders or other curios if you so desired. This one was ideal for hanging because it was so easy to attach a chain to, but making some planters to sit on your bench or desk would be lovely too!

Hanging fern planter

2 thoughts on “Geometric Hanging Planter

  1. Smitha Easter says:

    This is such a great idea- I love how you did this! The geometric holder is amazing, I can’t believe you got it at Kmart- I need to go there :) and the cooper color and green go together so nicely. I’ll never look at candle holders the same boring way again- thanks! :)

  2. Jacinta says:

    Hmmm, candle holders you say? Interesting. I am wanting a nice plant holder for indoors for 2-3 plants in one but haven’t found a pot I like. You thinking is intriguing and I will now have to look in the candle section to see if I can find what I need. Great idea!!!! I look forward to implementing something similar myself! :D

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