Wedding Photobook

You guys, I am so excited. Last week I finally (FINALLY) finished something that has been a year in the making – my wedding photobook! *rejoice*


(Let’s not talk about why it took me so long – I was so flipping burned out after planning our wedding that I needed some serious time to get my creative spirit back)


The software I use is called Momento, and it’s amazing. I have used Momento to make photobooks for years, and the quality is so so good. You can download the program for free from and its super easy to use.


As you can see, I’ve added a few of my favourite pages here from the proof copy of the book (I’m still waiting for the real thing to arrive). You can also check out a preview of the whole thing here:

I have already started putting together a (smaller) photobook for our honeymoon last year. I like to do one for every big holiday we take – it’s something lovely to put on the coffee table, and I find that we look at the photos way more than if they were just in an album. I am finding it a little challenging to cut down from the 5000 photos we took though…


Anyway I hope you enjoy checking out the preview, I am off to bask in the warm rosy glow of finally having completed something. ;)


One thought on “Wedding Photobook

  1. Jacinta says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I hate that this is still on my too do list. But have given myself till mid year to do it :) I agree that post wedding you need a break so be proud you did yours so soon! Can’t wait to see the physical book when it arrives :D :D :D

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