Malteser Mountain Cake

To round off recipe month, I have two more delicious recipes to share with you! The first is this creation, which I have fondly come to think of as the Malteser Mountain Cake.

Now, in my mind, there are two types of cake: the ones that you spend a long time making and baking, and the ones that you spend a long time decorating. I don’t believe in the third category, the ones that you spend a long time making, baking, and decorating. They shouldn’t exist. Continue reading

Cake Balls – September Short Projects

cake balls

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s September Short Project is a yummy delight – Cake Balls! If you’re an Aussie like me, you may never have encountered these delicious treats, but Americans are probably familiar with them. I had cake balls for the first time when we went to stay with our lovely friends Bob and Linda in Texas – Linda had ordered a whole range of flavours and we LOVED them. I had a real craving last week, so I thought I would try them out myself. Continue reading