My (DIY)(Paper) Wedding Bouquet


Let’s talk bouquets – as I think I have (possibly repeatedly?) mentioned, I made mine, and it was great (the process, I mean, not the bouquet). Not to blow my own horn, but I also think that the bouquet turned out pretty awesome, a fact for which I am thankful. 

At what point in the wedding planning process did I decide to make my own bouquet? I can’t really remember, but I think it was very early on. I had to put up with a lot of doubting Thomases too. “You’ll be so stressed”, they said. “Real flowers are nicer!” “You’re a control freak who is unable to relinquish control over the smallest details of your life and one day you’ll have a breakdown”… You get the picture. Continue reading

Vintage 1920s Tea Cosy

Vintage 1920s Tea CosyHave you noticed that the 1920s are all the rage at the moment? I can’t count the number of Roaring ’20s/flapper/Great Gatsby themed events I’ve been invited to lately! Actually I can, because I’m not very social, but it’s a few! So in the spirit of the moment, this week I present you with my latest project: this super cute 1920s vintage tea cosy.  Sure, it’s more “Great Heat Retention” than “Great Gatsby”, but what can you do? Continue reading

Chalkboard Feature Wall

Chalkboard WallHave you ever wanted to make your own blackboard feature wall, but worried slightly about what your landlords (or boyfriend) would say when they discovered you had painted an entire wall black? Well fear no more!

Last Sunday, Mario and I were passing some time at a cafe waiting for friends, and we happened to be sitting directly facing a wonderful blackboard feature wall. I’ve seen blackboards around everywhere lately, and I guess I caught the bug. After a very late brunch, I went straight to Bunnings and picked up a tin of blackboard paint and some masking tape. Continue reading

Everything Old is New Again

Restored Tea TrayWandering around markets and antique stores is one of my favourite weekend pastimes. I love the feeling of never knowing what you might stumble across! A couples of months ago we were in Olinda, in the Dandenong Mountains, for an afternoon, which has some amazing antique and curio stores. I saw this ugly tray in a store that sells a mixture of antique bits and pieces and a range of hot sauce (am I the only one who finds this odd?). I suspect that my tray is not that old, as the varnish was in fairly good condition. It was just a bit too orange for me. I bought it with images running through my head of how I could make it pretty! It helped that it was only $15. Continue reading