Home Sweet Home

You guys, it’s my house on the internet!! 

Amazing Emory from Hello, Scarlett Blog has featured my very own home as part of her monthly Home series!! Emory is incredible – she posts about D.I.Y., life, cooking, style and a whole range of other things every few days, runs her own store, Potomac Trading Post, has just finished building her dream home, and loves Audrey Hepburn. So basically she’s my muse… *blogger crush*!

If you would like to step on over and check out my house on the internet, please do – and make sure you stay for a look around at all the awesome D.I.Y. and prairie-inspired loveliness at Hello, Scarlett! 

Photo 13

D.I.Y. Turf Laying

DIY turf layingI know, I know, it has been SO LONG since I blogged last. I’ve been super busy with three big projects, but now 2/3 are done, and I can share this first one with you! :)

When we moved in to our home a year ago, the garden was a total disaster zone – I’ve written about it a few times in Gorgeous Garden Beds and Goodbye to the Garden (for now!). But there was still one thing left that was stopping our garden from looking great – the grass (or lack thereof). Continue reading